DRT Klash 9 Lo Float- Biwasagi - Swimbait Underground

DRT Klash 9 Lo Float- Biwasagi

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Length: 9” Inches
Weight: 4 oz

Made In Japan

The Klash displays the highest degree of engineering ingenuity and precision we've come across in a swimbait, but once you get to know Division Rebel Tackles, their level of quality will become apparent as it shines through in everything they do. Brilliance in different mediums is often handed out too readily, but with the Klash, we are confident in using that term: brilliant, for the lure's design, application, construction and of course the aesthetics. There's a lot of information that we need to go through with the Klash and we will below, but for those who value the eye test above all, here's a video of the lure in action.