Swimbait Underground Monthly SUB Tournament

Every month Swimbait Underground hosts a free international online swimbait only tournament. Tournament lasts 7 days and a unique code is announced at 6:00 AM PST on the first day. Each monthly SUB Winner is entered into The Battle For The Underground at the end of October. Monthly and Battle prize packs are provided by Swimbait Underground and additional sponsors.



• Biggest fish wins the tournament

• Fish must be legitimately caught with a swimbait.

• Cast and retrieve only, no bed fishing.

• Pictures must include: the swimbait used, the fish on a digital scale ONLY

• A secret code will be released at 0600 PST the first day of the tournament. The code needs to be visible in the picture. Picture must be posted before the end of the tournament

• Fish anytime and anywhere between the tourney dates

• Once an angler wins a monthly tournament they are out until the Battle

• Handicap based on state record Largemouth

• You must have your state on the scale or in your profile so other participants can see it

• These rules can change depending on future situations but NOT during the tournament

• Tournament will end at 12:00PM on the last day of the tournament

• Failure to comply with the rules will disqualify your fish

• Wildcard Spots available. You must not be the winner of that months SUB tournament and meet one of the following conditions:
• Submit a bass over 10 lbs
• Be within 8 oz of the winning submission



• 2019 Csweitzer California 12lb 12oz

• 2018 Sciaramitaro Massachusettes 7lb 10oz

• 2017 Mmasturgeon California 10lbs 11oz

• 2016 CD7 California 13lb 13oz

• 2015 R8R California 13lb 4oz

• 2014 Bassindon69 California 10lb 4oz

• 2013 Bassindon69 California 11lb 2oz

• 2012 Luke V California 9lb 14oz

• 2011 Bassindon69 California 12lb 14oz



• November 22nd - 28th
• December 20th - 26th
• January 17th - 23rd
• February 21st - 27th
• March 20th - 26th
• April 17th - 23rd
• May 22nd - 28th
• June 19th - 25th
• July 17th - 23rd
• August 14th - 20th
• September 18th - 24th
• October 1st - 8th

• Battle for the Underground October 16th - 22nd