DRT Founder - Tomoya Shirakawa

We sat down with Division Rebel Tackles Founder Tomoya Shirkawa to find out what his seasonal go to baits and gear are when it comes to fishing on Lake Biwa. 
Name: Tomoya Shirakawa
Nickname: Tomoya
IG Handle: @drtboyz
Location: Lake Biwa 
Bait | Mode - Ghost in Deadslow
Rod - Artex "adx"
Reel - Tatula 300
Handle - Varial 117
Line - 30lb Fluoro
Bait | Mode - Frenzy Slow Glide
Rod - Artex "adx"
Reel - Tatula 300
Handle - Varial 117
Line - 30lb Fluoro
Bait | Mode - K9 High Speed Cranking 
Rod - Artex "r2"
Reel - 200 Sized Reel
Handle - Varial 100 or 110 
Line - DRT Nylon 20lb
Bait | Mode - Frenzy Long Glide
Rod - Artex "adx"
Reel - Tatula 300/400
Handle - Varial 150
Line - DRT Nylon 40lb
Bait | Mode - TiK YTMK
Rod - Artex “Hacker"
Reel - Antares dc normal gear
Handle - Varial 88 or 95mm 
Line - DRT Nylon 20lb
varial 88 or 95
All Seasons - K9 Mode B (Glide Mode)
A recent memorable fish is a 10lb bass caught on Frenzy.
PB is 11.68lb but I can't easily update it.
I'm making a lure to break the record, but i'm overtaken by my friends Lol.


  • William Davis

    Unreal success fishing the TK and the K9 and just started playing with a few different ghost modes and I’m literally just blown away at the versatility and just the response I’ve gotten from big bass! It’s insane how aggressive they attack them! I can’t get enough man you truly have pushed innovation to unbelievable heights and we are all just sitting back waiting for more and the next stuff you mastermind!! Thank you so much man you have made bass fishing really really fun!!

  • Tim Paterson

    I agree with the comment about the Klash 9 and TK being amazing but hard to aquire at a reasonable price. People are driving prices up and during economic hard times world wide. Enough venting. Your lures are amazing.

  • Ger Lee

    love the TKs and K9, I just wish it easier to get and to get the Artex Rods. I’ll love to have one.

  • Levi Summerford

    I love your baits man .. they’re so cool I wish I could find a klash 9 low for less than $200 these guys have the prices way up… please let me order one !..

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