By Dean Kahai

I’m sure many of you, like myself was excited to see the SU x Backlash x Magbite Magtank XL Chest.  It’s a great way to store terminal gear, parts, hooks, etc in a small compact case. Only issue…. The hooks most of us use don’t fit. For those brave enough to modify your chest here is a quick guide on what I did to fit bigger hooks (10/0 Beast).

Tools and Parts 


Dremel Flex Shaft

1 ½” Plastic Cutting Wheel

¾” Saw Blade

Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone

Sand Paper

Metal Ruler

Sharp Blade


Small Hand File

Painter Tape ¾”

Adhesive Foam Sheet 4”x4”x1/8” (amazon)


Black Permanent Marker

NOTE: By no means do you have to do it this way. This just works for me with the tools that I have. Just take your time and check your work often.

 PREP WORK:  I started off by masking the bottom with the painter’s tape, making each section 3” long. The ¾” width painters’ tape is a perfect fit. You’ll have to slightly cut the middle two section to fit around the latch. Then for each section I plan on cutting out I marked with a black permanent marker to ensure I cut the correct sections.

CUTTING THE WALLS:  Now the fun/hard part. Using a small saw blade make it much easier to get as low as possible to make a horizontal cut on the wall. Then I use the 1 ½” blade to cut the vertical side of the wall. This will take out most of the plastic that needs to be trimmed.

GRINDING DOWN TO FINAL DIMENSION:  Now to clean up your cuts and get to the final depth I used the Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone. I know this Dremel bit isn’t the best for plastic but at a very slow speed I used the flat top of the bit to help keep an even and level grind line. * Don’t grind too low. You will start to see a line when that area becomes thin. Don’t go any deeper. You will grind all the way through if you don’t stop *

CLEAN UP YOUR WORK:  I used a hand file to clean up the side walls and small strips of sand paper wrapped around a big eraser to clean put the areas that were cut/grinded.

CUT YOUR FOAM TO SHAPE:  Using the painter’s tape as a guide. Each piece should be 3” long. I found it easier to cut down each 4” square foam to 3” long and use the tape as a guide with a metal ruler to make clean cuts. Make sure your razor is sharp. Clean each compartment and peel back the none stick paper and paste away. *The two center sections will have to be cut to go around the latch. I took a piece of none stick paper and made a template.

Its complete. The way I modified mine I was able to fit 10/0 Beast Hooks no problem. You can cut any inner walls to work for what you want to store.



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